Big Mountain Mushrooms
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About Us
Our regularly available varieties are: grey oysters, king oysters, phoenix oysters, and lion's mane mushrooms. We will also be growing a more limited quantity of blue oysters, pink oysters, golden oysters, and eventually shiitake. Oyster and lion's mane mushrooms have very different meaty textures and flavors, offering something new for people who have only experienced slimy mushrooms, and it's a more sustainable way to get important nutrients!

Mushrooms are a valuable non-animal source of both protein and vitamin D and provide a sustainable alternative to meat products. Eating mushrooms has a myriad of positive effects on health, ranging from powerful neurological benefits to potent immune support. We are so excited to share this fascinating and delicious product with the community!
The mushrooms are grown primarily on waste materials sourced from local businesses. We are utilizing spent brewers grain from a Valley brewery and chipped hardwood branches from a local tree trimmer. We will continually be interested in forming new partnerships to help other businesses see their waste products off to a new, productive use.