Living River Farm, LLC
Contact: Beau McLean and Christopher Green
Address: P.O. Box 625 Stevensville, MT, 59870
Email Address:
Phone: 406-565-1810
About Us
We are Living River Farms and we invest in people. We believe in giving opportunity to people as much as we care about producing great tasting chicken and beef grown with environmentally and socially conscious methods. We are on a mission to make lasting change starting today, with you. Will you come with us?

Our Mission: "Create a great environment where people can start fresh from the river of life."

Living River Farms is here to serve. We want to know you and you to know us. We aim to be transparent in all our farm practices.

Before a single product hit the shelf we were listening:

You Are What You Eat: Eating quality food leads to a healthy life.
Personal Connection: Knowing not just where you purchase your food, but also where it is raised is important.
Peace Of Mind: Knowing how your food is raised is essential.
We locally produce pastured chicken and grass fed beef products in Montana, raised as natural as possible:

Never fed or injected with any hormone, steroid or antibiotic.

Always humanely raised with room to roam new pastures daily for the animal’s health and yours!

We are guided by the following core values:

Integrity: Do the right thing, always, even if no one is looking.
Respect: People, animals and the land.
Gratitude: Accomplishments are impossible without help.

Grass Fed Beef by Percent Carcass Weight: We have a small herd of Black Angus cows and a couple Herefords on our farm in Stevensville. From day one to when they are processed, our cows only eat grass (grass hay through the winter). We do not use hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.

Purchasing beef by percent weight is the most affordable way to fill your freezer. There is more cost up front than purchasing individual cuts but in the long run it costs significantly less on a per pound basis. For a flat rate, you can receive hamburger, stew meat, roasts, and steaks.

Pasture Raised Chicken: Living River Farm's chicken is so much more than free range. According to the USDA, the requirement for a chicken to be classified as free range or free roaming is that, “Producers must demonstrate to the Agency that the poultry has been allowed access to the outside.” Click here to read it on their website. Our pasture raised chickens are actually raised outside on pasture. The chicks are brooded indoors until they are old enough to go outside. They are moved out to pasture inside large movable structures for their safety from predators and the environment. The structures are moved at least daily so the chickens always have a clean environment, new grass to scratch, and bugs to eat. We want to be transparent, so if you have questions, feedback, or want to see our farm, please call or email us.
Natural: Our chickens never receive antibiotics, added hormones, or any chemical.